Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cover of Journal

Journal Progress

I couldn't think how to decorate the front cover of my journal, so I decided to use some of my favourite quotes. I like the result that I got. I feel that I have got past the whole mental block that I think we are presented with when creating the cover for any album or journal. I always make a mistake and hate the result and don't want to use the album then!

This is the overall cover. I was going to paint out the manila colour, but decided to leave it in the end.

A close-up of the lettering. I hi-lighted the lettering with a signo white pen.


  1. great idea Karen :) one of those things you could stare at for ages and keep seeing new things. I'm at a block at the minute for my journal and it's bugging me!

  2. I love this journal cover. With all the amazing words printed on it, you just want to open it up and get busy. ^_^

  3. Fabulous idea. It looks stamped its so beautifully done. Kay


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