Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What's on your Workdesk Wednesday

Well it's Wednesday again and as you can see by the shocking state of my desk, I have been busy starting lots of projects. I must say that not a lot of them got finished, but we will battle on! In the foreground are some tags, The orange one was inspired by Linda Elbourne in the latest issue of Craft Stamper. She used just one colour of distress ink to create a complete piece. My flower heart wreath is still languishing in the background and I have also started to alter a bingo clipboard. This needs lots more work.

I was crafting with friends on Monday night and everything that I brought with me is still piled up on the side of the desk.

On a tidier note, this is one of my storage areas, complete with Regie Pie puppet. and one of my 'Wishing' Bird Houses.

And this is another storage area. Hope you enjoyed your visit.


  1. Wow Karen you just made my day ... I am so glad you felt inspired by the article and very chuffed too :0) But pray tell me ... what's in the pink bottle ... lovely shade of pink it is too ... but what's innit????

  2. I love that you have more than one thing on the go - I do too today and it doesn't suit me at all, I feel like I'm getting nothing done! Isn't Linda modest. I wanna know about the bottle too!!

  3. ooh i love the orange tag, how cool!!!! can't wait to see the flower wreath when it's finished.

  4. Those tags look great!! so does the flower wreath.

  5. Love the orange tag.Hugs Pam x

  6. This says creative to me.. perfect way to craft, everything at your finger tips..

  7. I would say " a very juicy desk" lots of nice projects and special colors - love that green ribbon with little white lines in it!
    Thank you for the snoop!

  8. labels and ribbons and inks Oh My!! I wanna come and play!! such fun going on!!

  9. Hi Karen, Linda leads us in to all kinds of trouble, doesn't she?!!. Oh, oh, I know whats in the pink bottle, coz I've got one too! It's decopatch glue, sort of like mod podge. I'm right, aren't I? Love everything you are working on, especially the flower wreath

  10. Sometimes I do better when I am doing several projects. Love the 'fly' tag and that green ribbon is yummy.

  11. I love the contrast between your messy desk and super neat storage, now if we could all learn to combine the 2 we'd be laughing lol
    Well done on starting the bingo board, i've got 3 that have been sat here for months and months and i've no clue where to start lol
    minxy x

  12. Now I really do think I have OCD!!!
    I think the thought of messing my desk up stops me from creating,lol!!!
    I would be dizzy with so many projects on the go at once,U think I need help,hahaha?!!! :o)x

  13. Love the orange tag and the puppet is fab.
    A x

  14. Hi Karen,

    Love your workspace - looks like a place I'd feel right at home in!

    Ramona :-)

  15. I can't cope with too many things going on at once, I think it's a subconscious thing in my case as I get pulled in so many directions at work, it's nice to come home and work on one thing until it's done! Love the contrast between the tidy and untidy too!



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