Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What's on your workdesk. Wednesday.

I have decided to join Julia today. I love seeing what people are up to and how messy their desks can get. As you can see I am really untidy. I have been trying out my new distress ink colours and some crackle paint and corrugated cardboard. Behind the inks you can see the paper flower wreath that I am working on. I have also just finished decorating my ink storage tin (see picture below).

You can just see my little tote which has some of my re-inkers in.

I pasted various bits 'n' bobs onto the tin and then dragged some 'Lettuce' paint over the top.

I couldn't resist taking a photo of all of my inks together.


  1. Fab space but I find it very distressing to see all your inks cos I dont have any distressing inks :-) [not sure I would know what to do with them if I had to be honest].
    A x

  2. Look at all those fab inks! That piece of corrugated card looks lovely.

  3. Hi Karen,hope you are well.
    Your desk looks v interesting,you will have to show the flower wreath off when complete,they do look fab.
    I have the storage tin for my DI's too! :o)x

  4. Hi Karen,
    Look at all those gorgeous new inks. I can't wait to get them.
    The only thing is, we will all need new ink holders now to fit all of them in.
    Your ink holder looks brilliant decorated. I am too scared to touch mine.
    Clare x

  5. Great flower wreath I just learnt last week how to make these roses they're fab aren't they!!! Just look at all those lovely ink pads!!!Yummy!!!

  6. WOW - love all your inks - there looks so much more set out like that... few colours I still need (understatement)...

    I'm loving the wreath you're working on and would love to make one myself as I already love making the flowers. Need grungepaper!!

    Your desk looks wonderfully creative.

    Paula x x x

  7. luck you having all those inks, also love your flowers, i have been playing making these, i think you can just about see them in the box on my work desk

  8. Love the flower wreath Hugs Pam

  9. Now Tim H is the perfect match for this kind of crafting .. messy, lol
    Just adore seeing alll the colours of your inks... not to self .. need more , love what you have done with your tin.. I kept mine quiet simple and just inked it with the same kinds of greens, how funny!

  10. Oh your inks look divine darling my new colours just arrived today so I have them all now too aren't we lucky gal's
    Hugs Susie xx

  11. What an amazing bit of cardboard! love what it turned into. I'm speechless over all your inks! Great first post and welcome to the addiction!


  12. Those inks look fab together...what is your new fave colour? mine has to be the Wild Honey, oh and Rusty Hinge...but then again, the Bundled Sage is yum....can't chose one myself now i have asked the question ROFL Love your storage too :O)

  13. Love that tin! That's really cool. How are you liking the distressed inks? I've ordered some - just waiting on them to show up. Shipping takes forever sometimes.

  14. I am so impressed by you storage tin ....and by your roses wreath ..not to mention that you do all that in an orderd

  15. Nice to have you join in Karen; even if you make me a bit green eyed! Love what you've done to the ink tin..and I don't think you're an untidy worker at all..lordy.

  16. Let us paint!! (Love your tin!) and all your yummy paints!! I want some too!

  17. I love the sight of all the distress inks together ... I just love em!

  18. Yummy Timmy distress inks and what a great tote too love it
    hugs Nikki

  19. All lovely and very interesting. Find myself wishinn I'd had some mess out on my worktop - typical! There is usually!
    Love all those inkpads - I've some but not that many!


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