Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WOYWW 08/12/2010

The Mess (including all of the supplies on the couch)

 The storage solution
I have had this wooden chest of drawers for ages, it has been in my attic for about 6 years. I finally got it down yesterday and painted it and decoupaged the drawers. I think it looks great and fits into what I like to call "Heap Corner" really well. I just have to fill it with some of the contents of my very messy desk.

Some of the 12 Tags
I had a great day on Sunday with my good friend Mandy and my 9 year old daughter Olivia. I bet you can't even work out which ones Olivia did, she was amazing and so focused.

So I have started the great clean-up and hope to continue today. If you are wondering why I am showing you my desk, hop over to Julia's blog where all is explained.


  1. omg those drawers!!! wow wow wow!! cant believe you had them hiding in your attic!!! what else have you got up there missus :) you did an amazing job on them, truly beautiful! xx

  2. stunnign tags and love the storage solution
    vicky 79

  3. What a brilliantly messy room!! Love your tower storage, great snoop, Have a Happy WOYWW!

  4. Stunning drawers you have there!! The tags are lovely too.

  5. At first I was going "where's the couch"!! But now I see it! Great drawers in your attic, hope you have another couple of sets up there, I think you're going to need them! Love the tags, great job all round and that glue gun is amazing, it's huge! Looks industrial!

    Brenda 83

  6. thanks for the crafty snoop karen....what a busy desk...hugs kath xxx No 47

  7. Brilliant tags and those drawers look ace!
    Chrissie #7

  8. Those drawers look fabby - it's so nice to see someone else with out a pristine workspace - If I had the courage to photograph more of the room I work in - eyebrows - and probably more - would be raised!!

  9. SOOOO Hawaiian style! What an amazing set of drawers you have my dear! Great post! Great job!

  10. Yippee! finally found a workspace messier than's awesome I love it. The tags are gorgeous too..

    Hugs, Marjo #45

  11. Great drawers and I love how you have decorated. The tags are gorgeous. I really must get over to TH but I can't stop peeking at all the woyww.

  12. Love those stunning decoupage drawers. The tags are very pretty and I love the fact that they are so dimensional.

    Bernie #81

  13. Wow, how fantastic they look - you really had treasure in your attic!


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